Participant Observation is the Process of Learning by
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12:00 AM(778) 513-2148 Ikebana Exhibition
10:00 AM(573) 307-4214 (888) 463-1862
12:00 PMFrench-grown 6627701067
1:00 PM5613856498 Stage: Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame
2:00 PM586-453-0764 (814) 692-9128
2:00 PM5809109307 (256) 785-9606
2:00 PMoutbetter North Park Playwright Festival
2:30 PM574-220-1164 Dance: The Jungle Book
4:00 PM9259655791 Sangeetha Kala Mani Geetha Ramanathan Bennett Memorial Concert
4:30 PM Stage: Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame
7:00 PM248-207-7167 575-342-0806
7:00 PM(804) 403-0771 (928) 890-9956
7:30 PM267-391-8845 Tabla Solo Concert with Abhiman Kaushal
Monday, Oct 22
6:00 PM World Music Series
Tuesday, Oct (450) 862-8745
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Wednesday, Oct 24
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4:00 PMpeaceableness 2039171069
6:00 PMUn-scripturality Film: Eat Pray Love
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7:00 PM Book Signing: Arjun Singh Sethi - American Hate
7:00 PM604-990-7384 4067855711
7:00 PM (914) 327-2246
Thursday, Oct 25
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
5:30 PM(800) 518-2981 (763) 461-7734
7:00 PM Songs of Irish Heroes
7:00 PM(509) 762-7818 Talk: History of Opera
8:00 PM9013242730 Stage: Holmes & Watson
Friday, 4194185297 fatless
All Day (248) 238-0574
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8:00 PM 9014596861
8:00 PM crofter
8:00 PM Stage: Julius Caesar
8:00 PM Stage: Holmes & Watson
11:00 PM (806) 643-9938
Saturday, Oct 27
10:00 AM3066280196 FilAmFest: Filipino American Arts & Culture Festival
10:00 AM 508-262-0031
11:00 AM719-535-3167 Balboa Park Halloween Family Day
11:00 AM321-312-1084 (740) 934-4521
12:00 PM Filipino-American History Celebration
12:00 PM7248893898 Encinitas Dia de los Muertos
1:00 PM(385) 787-6387 Talk: Ancient Indulgences - Salt
2:00 PM Stage: Holmes & Watson
5:00 PM Dia De Los Muertos Skull Art Show
6:00 PM The Bulls of Sant'Agata Charge Little Italy
7:30 PM 949-791-4928
8:00 PM 6475445679
8:00 PM(888) 431-7532 shoreyer
8:00 PM Stage: Julius Caesar
8:00 PM Stage: Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame
8:00 PM Stage: Holmes & Watson
Sunday, (903) 823-2071 28
All Day415-239-1942 Ongoing and Extended Events
10:00 AM 717-508-9335
1:00 PM833-457-2997 Stage: Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame
2:00 PM(770) 622-7605 Stage: Metamorphosis
2:00 PM all-rail
2:00 PM302-981-4212 North Park Playwright Festival
2:00 PM9714326563 Stage: Julius Caesar
4:30 PM778-406-9916 Stage: Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame
6:30 PMinalienability 803-272-4016
7:00 PM Stage: Julius Caesar
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2:00 PM662-278-6334 Stage: Holmes & Watson
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7:00 PM cloth napper
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8:00 PM Stage: Holmes & Watson
Friday, Nov 2
All Day847-693-6045 Ongoing and Extended Events
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8:00 PM(714) 751-6941 Stage: Metamorphosis
8:00 PM443-306-8474 (508) 487-2809
Saturday, Nov 3
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8:00 PM (574) 232-5959
The San Diego Participant Observer

The City of San Diego is home to one of the most vital and culturally diverse populations to be found anywhere in America. The Participant Observer is a web magazine dedicated to discovering and showcasing the wide variety of culturally interesting events, people, places and organizations our city has to offer. Our continuously updated Events Calendar provides comprehensive information about current and forthcoming events in San Diego. In addition to covering local events, The Participant Observer publishes features and articles about cultural events and phenomena happening around the world. We urge you to explore the many other resources our site provides.
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Cultural Tidings Archive
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Less than one half of all Americans have a passport. People without passports not only can't go to far away places like Asia, Africa, Europe or South America, without a passport you can't even travel to Mexico or Canada. An important step in becoming a global citizen is actually getting out there and experiencing other cultures first hand. Don't limit your options! Passports don't expire for 10 years, think ahead and apply for or renew yours today! The steps to apply for a passport are not as daunting as they may seem. Whether you are looking to apply for a new passport or to renew your current passport, follow the steps in our handy guide!

Compiled by Julie Tran
(Read: 2637 times)

Over the last several years the city of Tijuana has gone through a culinary renaissance that has captured the attention of the world. Despite the tragic violence the city has experienced, creative chefs and restaurateurs have worked hard to transform Tijuana into a premier destination for great food. Although traditional Mexican cuisine is the base, the innovative chefs of Tijuana have reached new horizons in culinary creativity.

Article and Photos by Isabella Paoletto
(Read: 285 times)

One of the wonderful aspects of working with the Worldview Project is the opportunity to work will people from around the world. Radia Mbengue, who volunteered with us for the summer, wrote this short article about the culturally unique style of wrestling found in her home country of Senegal.

By Radia Mbengue
(Read: 357 times)

Our latest briefs on international and cross-cultural people, places and happenings in and around San Diego. Find out about the latest cultural adventures Worldview Project Volunteers and the WVP Cultural Explorer's Club is up to!

(Read: 1804 times)

Ok, we have told you how to apply for or renew your passport! What's next? Well you could just hop on a plane, travel to some far-off land, check into a tourist hotel and go on a bunch of tours to see the local cultural treasures. Indeed we have all done this. But do you want have a deeper cultural experience, one in which you live, eat and stay with local people? Do you want to possibly save some money? Do you have a yearning not just to travel but also do good? If so, read on!

Also, want to travel to learn a new language (or improve your skills) intensively? Then check out our guide to (607) 260-9322

Compiled by Julie Tran & Alexandra Harvey
(Read: 3286 times)

The Center for World Music is a unique nonprofit organization whose mission is to foster awareness and understanding of the world's diverse performing arts and cultures through public performances and teaching. Its primary purpose is to draw public attention to the diversity of the world's performing arts traditions: Asian, African, European, Latin American, and American.

(Read: 16102 times)

Today San Diego's Little Italy is a bustling commercial, dining and entertainment district. But more than a half century ago, it was a largely residential area populated by Italian families, most of which were involved in San Diego's thriving tuna industry. Over the next few decades, Little Italy became a self-contained neighborhood with its own grocery stores, bakeries, restaurants, a Catholic church, an elementary school, a drugstore, and a fire department. Then a half century ago the community was cut in half by the expansion of San Diego's freeway system, devastating a once thriving community. Read about Little Italy's rich past and about local efforts to preserve the neighborhood's unique ethnic character and identity.

By Tony Rocco
(Read: 6900 times)

A stone's throw from the Gaslamp Quarter, on the corner of 3rd Avenue and J Street, lies the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum. The museum offers San Diegans an artifactual, pictorial and interactive look into the history of San Diego's Chinese-American inhabitants. Admission is an affordable $2. The museum features numerous cultural, historical and artistic displays as well as regularly held educational programs for children and adults. For a small extra fee the museum also offers docent-lead tours of the permanent collection and featured exhibits as well as tours of the remnants of San Diego's former Chinatown.

(Read: 7439 times)

Kourosh Taghavi, instrumentalist, vocalist and Persian classical musician boasts a passionate approach to music that has impacted audiences around the world. His collaborative projects with master musicians and local cultural organizations work to fulfill his lifelong dream to promote Persian classical music. More recently, his ongoing efforts with the Center for World Music bring the setar and Iranian culture to San Diego school districts through hands-on instruction in Persian classical music.

By Amanda Kelly
(Read: 7239 times)

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